Boone Remodel Inc.
8835 SW Canyon Lane, Suite 305
Portland, Oregon 97225
P: 503-297-6861
F: 503-297-0241
CCB #70454

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Boone Remodel, Inc.
About us and our philosophy for 25 years:
  • Provide high quality supervision and workmanship.
  • Bring each project in on budget & schedule.
  • Keep open communication with customers to assure an enjoyable experience for the customer & contractor.

Boone Remodel was founded January 1, 1985 by Denny & Mari Boone. The focus of the company is to provide Residential Remodeling to clients looking for detailed estimates, good communications, trustworthy/reliable service, excellent subs, quality carpentry and professional job execution & supervision; and that is what we achieve!